What we do:

  • Design and layout of custom built PowerPoint presentations
  • PowerPoint presentation template design and layout
  • Development of complex PowerPoint animations & transitions
  • Creation of hi-end graphics, illustrations, movable gifs and video for presentations

How we do it:

  1. Email us a detailed brief with your logo, your brand specifications, and any other details you may require. We have worked successfully with clients in UK, Australasia and Far East. Our designers will continually keep you updated with the progress; or
  2. request a meeting and lets work together. When South Africa’s top creative advertising agencies work closely with us, it is because we understand the importance of being creative, yet working within the client’s brand parameters. We understand the importance of delivering the correct message in an exciting or visual manner. Some of our clients, like Old Mutual, have been with us on our journey for the last twenty years. That speaks for itself.

Our modern approach to PowerPoint presentations sets us apart.

What sets us apart from the normal average, boring, death by PowerPoint presentation, is our:

  1. creative ability to produce stunning graphics and visuals. We create our graphics in various other graphics packages and then import them into PowerPoint for maximum effect.
  2. Compugrafix has a large source of visuals as well as access to stock libraries where we have thousands of appropriate images, cartoons, drawings and graphics to choose from.
  3. We can edit and insert video, or add sound and music to your presentation.
  4. With over twenty years experience in this industry, we have honed our layout skills so that each slide is a fine balance between animated visuals and text. This ensures that your message is clearly understood and is not distracted by unnecessary eye candy.

To often in conferences or launches where there are numerous speakers, the audience gets bored and messages get mixed. Ensure that your presentation stands out from other presenters.

Our top PowerPoint designer is Sigal. She is an accomplished presentation artist with a fine eye for the correct balance of text, graphics or photography and has an in-depth knowledge of all graphics packages and Photoshop.

Compugrafix remains the oldest and most widely used presentation company in South Africa. We have produced more presentations, for more clients than anyone else.